Kidney Stones

I’ve had a history of stones for about the last 25 years. About 5 or 6 times up until 2002 I would be in severe pain and would end up in the emergency room and given a shot of Demoral and sent home to pass a stone. In 2002 I had a bout with blood in my urine several times, which cleared up with Bactrim, but my family Dr. recommended I see a Urologist. X-ray showed I had about 20 stones and several were causing a blockage in my ureter. Lithotripsy was done and I had to wear bi-lateral stints for a month which was very uncomfortable. I was given pain pills for that but I do not like taking pills so took them only when I absolutely needed them (I didn’t know the essential oils pain formula then).
I still had side effects from the pills after the stints came out and I stopped taking them. It took me 3 days to get over the “jitters”. X-ray showed I had 1 stone left and of course my urologist wanted to go back in and blast that one but after I quizzed him on it he said it probably wouldn’t cause me any
problem unless it started getting much bigger. From that time till October 2009, I passed maybe a couple more stones on my own without going to the emergency room.

I learned to use Di-Gize on my feet and my tummy and that seemed to help. I knew what was going on and I just toughed it out. Most of the larger stones were about the size of a kitchen match head. In October I passed one with little discomfort using the Di-Gize. The next morning I had blood in my urine so to ease my mind I went to my family dr. X-ray showed 3 stones in kidney and 3 halfway down the ureter. Blood was probably from those moving down ureter. Dr. and I agreed that we were going to watch and see what happens. He gave me some pain pills as that weekend I was attending a C.A.R.E.
training about 100 miles from home.

I started using the K&B daily and read testimonials about 15-20 drops of lemon and frankincense, each, a couple times a day helping to dissolve stones so I did that for a few days then I would  quit for a few and then do it again. A couple of months later I was having some discomfort so went back to family dr. to see what was going on. X-ray showed all stones and moved down and lined up together about bladder entry level. So, I knew what I was doing was working. He suggested I go see my urologist. I made an appointment with urologist about 3 weeks later. I kept using the oils and the K&B. Appointment with urologist showed stones still lined up but moved down another 2 inches. He asked me what I wanted to do (same urologist that did the lithotripsy). I told him I’d like to pass them on my own. I told him I was
going to a convention (YL) in Utah in June so he said he’d like to take another x-ray before I go and then when I get back we’d decide what I wanted to do.

I went home and continued the K&B. I alternated the lemon and frankincense with Kidney Stone Blend #1 in the Essential Oil Desk Reference (EODR). I would do one for a few days and then do the other for a few days. The weekend before I was to get my x-ray before going to convention, I passed a stone about the size of a large garden pea. Largest one I have ever passed. I was amazed! I had very little discomfort. I also passed a few small ones.

Then a couple days later I passed a couple that were about baby pea size. Never felt a thing. Wasn’t sure if they were all out or not so anxious to see what the x-ray would show. When I went in for my appointment and after the x-ray, my dr. came into my room and looked bewildered. I asked him if anything showed up and he said it was all clear. I then took out my little bag of stones and he couldn’t believe I passed that large a stone and so many, on my own. He was absolutely flabbergasted!!! He actually read to me what he wrote on my chart, “patient would like to pass stones on her own but I am not optimistic”. I thank God for the gift of His wonderful oils and Gary for his research and tenacity in providing us with the BEST!
God Bless.  Cheryl


  1. Hollie Navarre said

    HOLY JESUS! I have hope because of this article….i hope you will contact me at I am so inspired of the possibility of having my kidney stone nightmere over and get on with my life!

  2. Lynette said

    What is the k&b you refer to in the article?

  3. Jennifer gabriel said

    What is k&b I have kidney stones

    • yleo said

      K & B™ nutritionally supports normal kidney and bladder health.* It contains extracts of juniper berries, which enhance the body’s efforts to maintain proper fluid balance; parsley, which supports kidney and bladder function and aids overall urinary health; and urva ursi, which supports both urinary and digestive system health.* K & B is enhanced with therapeutic-grade essential oils.

  4. Susan said

    What is K&B that you refer to?

    • Susan said

      Oops I didn’t see the above comment before I asked my question

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