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Now This Is A Great Libido Testimonial

I’ll not mince words.  Goldenrod has an effect for me. I didn’t think so originally, as I was using it topically.  A capsule with 3 drops taken internally worked well for me.  5 drops worked perhaps a bit too well, causing an erection which felt as if it were in danger of bursting, bordering on discomfort.  It could be, of course, that goldenrod just filled in gaps in my system which happened to be missing, so I have no idea what may happen for others. Of this, I am certain – it has to be internal and I’d start with a single drop and work up from there, rather than fill a capsule and back off from that.  A trip to the emergency is not an ideal way to spend an evening, at least not around here.  Rob

Goldenrod.  What an appropriate name for an essential oil that enhances libido.  The law of signatures is right on with this one.  Alan

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