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A.R.T. Skin Care

I’m thinking about trying A.R.T. (Age Refining Technology) skincare. I’m in my 50’s. What kind of results have you had using these products?

Hi Mary,

I am 61 and been using ART skincare for at least 4 years. I work in a few Spas as a massage therapist. In the past couple of years I have had several people including some of the Estheticians at the Spa tell me how beautiful my skin is and how is it I have few wrinkles. I wear no make up and haven’t  since about 1970! I think you will find these products do wonders for your skin. I use the day and night lotions and the cleanser. Sometimes I use the orange blossom cleanser which I also love. and about once or twice a week the Peppermint Satin Facial Scrub. I use the Toner sometimes but not always. Hope this helps.  Dottie

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